3D Cell Culture Media PDX mammospheres

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Upstream tips
Use early passages (1–5) of primary tumor tissues from PDX models
Protocol tips
Seed PDX cells at a density of 500 cells/well
Use of 96-well ultralow attachment plates
Count spheres 5-7 days later
Downstream tips
Collect spheres for other procedures, such as RNA isolation
DMEM/F-12, no phenol red

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Protocol tips
Use of 6-well plate with an ultra-low attachment surface
Seeding of 10x103 sorted cells
When seeding of sorted cells, the plate should be left undisturbed for 5 days at 37°C
MammoCult™ Human Medium Kit

STEMCELL technologies

Upstream tips
Use of cells isolated from a cryopreserved PDX tumor pieces
Protocol tips
Seed 5 × 103 cells derived from PDX
Use 24-well ultra-low-adherence plates
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