About Labettor

Who we are

Labettor is an online research platform founded in 2016 based out of Groningen city, The Netherlands. We are a passionate team of professionals from life-sciences and IT background.

A challenge we strive to solve

Life-science experiments generally involve multiple processes and techniques that are time consuming. When experiments fail due to wrong reagents used; a lot of time and resources are wasted. Many times researchers end up repeating experiments before identifying right reagents that produce reliable results.

Labettor's approach in addressing this challenge

At Labettor, we acknowledge that each experiment is unique and therefore requires evidence-based information to make an informed decision to pin-point best performing products. We analyze scientific publications and make available experiment specific reagents and protocols in a systematic overview. We only list reagents and protocols that are tested and peer-reviewed by fellow researchers. Our mission is to improve the productivity of researchers and reduce research waste.

Why your peers love Labettor

  • Get an instant overview of all the products that have been tested for specific experiments.
  • Get access to published protocols, Manufacturer protocols and tips.
  • Discuss your questions with the Labettor Community.
  • Be part of the solution in conservation of resources and reduce research waste.

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The Netherlands

Labettor's Protocol Evolution Module is backed by the European Fund for Regional Development (Europees Fonds voor regionale Ontwikkeling - EFRO)

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