Cell cytotoxicity / Proliferation assay cell type - MCF-7

There are a plethora of detection methods of cell cytotoxicity and proliferation by flow cytometry. However, samples preparation for such flow cytometry-based techniques could be challenging. Cell harvesting by trypsinization, mechanical or enzymatic cell disaggregation from tissues, extensive centrifugation steps, may all lead to preferential loss of apoptotic cells. To overcome this strictly follow manufacturers instruction of the detection kit.

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Upstream tips
- Cells were seeded at a cell density of 1×105 cells/ml.
Protocol tips
- Seeded cells were treated with insulin (25 nM) for 24h.

- Cells were incubated with BrdU for 24 h.
Downstream tips
- The absorbance was measured at a dual wavelength of 450–540 nm
Upstream tips
- Cells were plated at a density of 1000 or 2000 cells per well in 96-well plates.
Protocol tips
- cells were incubated in 0.1% CV for 30 min RT
Downstream tips
- If the readings are low return the plate to the dark for longer incubation.
Protocol tips
- Cells were incubated for 3 h at 37 °C after addition of CCK-8 reagent
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