DNA isolation / purification Tissue - murine tail biopsies

Isolating DNA from tissues and paraffin-embedded tissue samples can be challenging as double-stranded DNA is physically fragile and highly susceptible to exo- and endonucleases. The best solution is to slice the tissues into smaller pieces and make a homogenate solution (using tissue homogenizer or grinding liquid nitrogen frozen samples) in the presence of DNAse inhibitors. Further, extracting DNA from the nucleus need specific methods by combining physical, mechanical and chemical lysis approaches,

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4 years ago

4 years ago by Nicolai Brandt Denmark

What DNA isolation kit would work for insect samples?

Hello everyone! I am currently using different DNA isolation kits to extract DNA from insects. Even though I am able to successfully extract DNA I would like to maximize the yield. Do you have any tips that might help me with that even if the kits are not specifically designed for insect samples?

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Protocol tips
Use proteinase K extraction solution as quickly as possible following the reconstitution and discard any unused solution
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