Reporter gene assay luciferase - HEK 293 human embryonic kidney cells

Reporter gene assays enable high sensitivity measurement of gene expression and cell signaling through the addition of bioluminescent genes into target cells. One of the major challenges is to make a specific construct that has no responses other than those related to the signaling pathway of interest. This can be achieved by selecting highly specific reporter constructs containing only defined responsive elements and a minimal promoter linked to reporter enzymes such as luciferase

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4 years ago

4 years ago by J.Han China

Which transfection reagent would work better on stem cells?

I am planning on running reporter assays on stem cells and I would like to know which transfection reagent would work better?

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Protocol tips
Modify vector by deleting the BamHI site between the firefly luciferase gene and β-lactamase (Ampr) coding region, to alter MCR region that contain XhoI and BamHI sites
Upstream tips
Seed 1×10^4 cells/well in 24-well plate
Protocol tips
Transfect cells with 200 ng of the luciferase construct plasmid and 50 ng of pMIR-REPORT β-gal
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