RNA sequencing Human - MCF-7

RNA-Seq is a method to sequence RNA by applying Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The quality of RNA is critical for the success of RNA-Seq. The integrity of RNA is measured by the RNA integrity number (RIN). RIN is computed from RNA electrophoresis and electropherogram profiles (the peak area of the 28S rRNA should be approximately twice the peak area of the 18S rRNA). If you get the RIN value lower than 7, the possibility of getting the low quality of RNA-seq data is high. To get a high quality RNA, it is better to work with fresh samples or snap-freeze the tissues in liquid nitrogen as quickly as possible and store them at -80°C until further use. Make sure designated areas and all your filter tips, microfuge tubes, plastic, and glassware are RNase-free.

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Protocol tips
Total RNAs were assayed in both the whole transcriptome TempO-Seq assay (12 replicates each) and in RNA-Seq (6 replicates each), using ribosomal RNA depletion (KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq with RiboErase kit, Kapa cat # KK8483).
KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kit

Roche Lifesciences

Protocol tips
The KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kit is designed for both
manual and automated NGS library construction from
100 ng – 4 µg of intact, total RNA.
Protocol tips
0.1 - 1 ug total RNA or 10 - 400 ng previously isolated mRNA (from species with polyA tails)
Protocol tips
The protocol is optimized for 0.1–1 µg of total RNA.
Protocol tips
The protocol is optimized for 0.1–1 µg of total RNA.
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