RNA isolation / purification Tissue - Mouse Colon

RNA isolation / purification Tissue - Mouse Colon
RNA-Bee from Amsbio

Protocol tips

Upstream tips
- Isolation of RNA from a small amount of tissue (1-10 mg) can be accomplished by homogenizing the sample in 0.8 ml of RNA-Bee.

- Adjust buffers to pH to 6.5 - 7.5 if they have have an acidic pH for better results.
Protocol tips
- An additional wash with 75% ethanol improves 260/280 ratio

Publication protocol

Total RNA was extracted from IECs or colon tissues with RNA bee according to the manufacturer's instructions (Tel-test, Friendswood, TX)

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2 years ago

Author: Paul G. Macon United States

RNA isolation from tissue

How do I extract RNA from animal tissue without using liquid nitrogen? I tried the RNA extraction by using the TRIzol reagent and I homogenize the tissue using polytron homogenizer at room temperature for 30secs is this correct?


3 years ago

Author: Aaron Stege Netherlands

Problem in phase separation after using serum/plasma kit

I used a serum/plasma kit for my serum samples. After the phase separation the samples should have 3 phases: a colourless aqueous phase, a white interphase and a red organic phase. However, in some of my samples there was no aqueous phase unless I wait for an extended period of time. How can I circumvent this problem?

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Paper title
Intestinal Epithelial Toll-Like Receptor 4 Signaling Affects Epithelial Function and Colonic Microbiota and Promotes a Risk for Transmissible Colitis
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Manufacturer protocol

Download the product protocol from Amsbio for RNA-Bee below.

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