DNA methylation profiling Whole genome profiling - HCT116, HTC15 human colon cancer cells

The estimation of DNA methylation level heavily depends on the complete conversion of non-methylated DNA cytosines. It is crucial to ensure complete conversion of non-methylated cytosines in DNA. Therefore, it is important to incorporate controls for bisulfite reactions, as well as to pay attention to the appearance of cytosines in non-CpG sites after sequencing, which is an indicator of incomplete conversion.

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MethylCap kit


Upstream tips
Always include fully methylated (in-vitro methylated DNA) and non-methylated controls (Leucocyte DNA, DNMT1/3 double KO DNA) during MSP
Upstream tips
Ensure DNA is mixed thoroughly prior to application. The wells of
the assay strip bind up to 200 ng of total DNA.
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